Collins Greenhouse Services

Installation and maintenance



We aim to provide a full residential greenhouse service from   base preparation all the way through to after care for your building.

Our services are not limited to what is shown here, and we are always open to other areas, such as renovation or other work, should you require it. 

A professional and friendly service

Greenhouse Services Conditions:


  • For any special requirements and positioning, please notify us before work begins.

  • For some cases, a site visit may be required, and may incur additional charges based on location and time.

  • For installation without the need for base preparation from us, the base must be flat, level and compacted. It must also be the correct size, often a little larger then the greenhouse itself.

  • Adequate space around the greenhouse is necessary for installation. However, if there is a close fence or wall on no more than 1, possibly 2 sides of the building, it is highly likely work can go ahead. Please bare in mind space around your building for future maintenance.


  • Area of installation should be free from any overhanging obstacles such as tree branches.

  • Access is dependent on work to be carried out. It is always preferable to have side gate or rear access, however all access routes can be catered for.

  • Prices for any service do not include rubbish disposal. This is under the assumption it can be disposed with normal household waste. Usually a greenhouse will have one black bag of rubbish and some flattened cardboard.

  • In the exceptionally unlikely occurrence you have any issues due to poor installation within 3 months of installation, we will return and rectify these issues at our expense. No damage outside of our control will be rectified under this warranty.

  • Installation or work is undertaken and to be completed at the price quoted to the customer in normal site conditions.

  • Payment is made by cash, cheque or bank transfer on the day of completion. For any incomplete work, the customer may retain a proportionate amount for work not completed until work is completed

  • By allowing the work to be started, the customer implies they accept the price and conditions of the work to go ahead.

Collins Greenhouse Services