Collins Greenhouse Services

Installation and maintenance

Need to move your greenhouse around the garden? or moving house?  We can move your greenhouse  to where you want it.

Furthermore, during the process we can  remedy any problems that may have developed over the life of the building.


Greenhouse Relocation

If you are moving house or want to move your greenhouse around the garden then we can help. By disassembling the greenhouse, we are able to relocate it for you. 

Quotes will depend on the size, age and condition of your building and a site visit will be highly likely, as to understand your needs as best possible. We do not give guideline pricing on this service because of the many diffferent factors involved, but we are more than happy to give an estimate based on what you tell us.

During the relocation process we are also able to clean and make rectifications if needed at extra cost.


Collins Greenhouse Services