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Installation and maintenance

The base for your greenhouse is very important for prolonging the life of your building.

Movement in the foundations can cause warping of the frame which can lead to glass breakages as well as improper door and roof vent function.

We can provide a small base service, or can put you in touch with reputable builders for larger base work.


Base Preparataion

A solid, flat and level base for your greenhouse is very important and can affect its longevity. There a many types of base but 3 common options are listed below:

- Flat, level and compacted soil. This is the least desirable    option, but also the cheapest. We would  recommend a          greenhouse size of no more than 8x10ft  for a base of this      nature. Above this size, frame weight becomes a concern.    Concrete is used in the corners to anchor the greenhouse.

- Perimeter or full paving slab base. This type of base is       cost effective for solid foundations and suitable for most

   sizes. Using a full bed wet mix of sand cement mortar to

   ensure the area stays flat and level for years to come.

- Full concrete pad base. Solid foundation suitable for all

   sizes of greenhouse. Potentially more expensive then a         slab base, but will last for a longer period of time.

We are happy to give advice and help on what style and size base you would need. Most good builders or landscapers will be able to lay a base to your requirements. Just make sure you double check the base plan of your greenhouse to ensure a correct fitment.

We can prepare a soil base for your greenhouse during the installation stages at an extra cost.  Paving slab and concrete bases for greenhouses can be carried out by us within 15 miles of the Bristol area.

Approximate prices:

-£8 per square foot for a paving slab base

-£9 per square foot for a concrete base

Guideline pricing is available on asking, and if you are based further than our usual working radius, we may still be able to help.


Collins Greenhouse Services